What to Do If You’re Injured By a Large Truck or 18 Wheeler in a Rear End Accident? See How a Truck Accident Attorney can Help.

One of life’s nightmares is being involved in any road accident. Among the most dreaded of all accidents is a rear-end accident with a large truck or 18 wheeler. If you or a loved one is involved in a rear-end accident with a large truck, the harm suffered when compared to other rear-end accidents is more severe due to the massive size of the truck. Liability of the truck driver is not a guarantee and you may have to fight to receive compensation for your injuries. If you were involved in an accident you may be wondering what your next step should be. Reaching out to an experienced truck accident attorney will help you gain knowledge on the legal options available in your case. 

What to Do If You're Injured By a Large Truck or 18 Wheeler in a Rear End Accident

Common reasons for large truck rear-end accidents 

Fatigue: Most large truck drivers are long-distance drivers working for trucking companies. They spend many hours on the road, and in scenarios where they are operating within strict timelines, there is no time to stop for a rest. Despite federal regulations on the number of hours truck drivers spend on the road, some companies don’t enforce these and hence overwork their drivers. 

Speeding: Most drivers are fond of speeding while in a hurry, but when a large truck or 18 wheeler speeds, especially on a busy road, the repercussions can be disastrous. Even with statutory speeding restrictions and signs by the roadsides, most large truck drivers are often in a hurry to reach their destination, offload any goods on board, and get back to their families. Some speed so that they can do extra trips per week hence a better paycheck. 

Distractions: Cellphone ordinances in Texas have outlawed mobile phones’ use while driving and should strictly be adhered to. However, after several hours on the road, most large truck drivers might feel the need to get on their phones and text, call or browse the internet. Such activities are likely to take one’s attention off things that matter, like ensuring their safety and other users of the road. 

Lack of enough training: Large truck drivers are supposed to have specialized training and meet specific licensing requirements before driving large trucks. Sometimes some drivers will use dubious means to get licensing or decide to get on the road while knowing that they lack proper training. Such a driver is a danger to himself and every road user he encounters along the way. 

How Is Liability Determined in a Rear-End Accident with a Large Truck or an 18 wheeler?

Most large truck drivers are employees of trucking companies, bringing in the issue of an employer being liable for their employees’ actions. Additionally, it is a requirement that trucking companies adhere to regulations applicable to their industry, like ensuring their drivers are duly trained, proper maintenance of trucks, and allowing drivers to work only within the set timelines. However, most of these regulations are disregarded by the majority of trucking companies, and when sued, they rarely admit to liability. Therefore, one way to maximize the damages you recover from your personal injury lawsuit is always to ensure you are working with a competent truck accident attorney

The Role of an Attorney in Your Case

Your attorney will ensure that they launch a thorough investigation into your case by going through the relevant documentation and evidence before launching a claim on your behalf. Proving liability against trucking companies often involves aggressive investigation. Therefore if the trucking company denies liability, your attorney will prove their negligence hence helping you recover damages. 

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