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When it comes to your financial well being and settling claims or filing lawsuits, the Law Offices of David Kohm provide you the best source of legal advice in the Carrollton, Texas area. Whether you’ve been rear-ended in traffic or going through a divorce and need expert legal advice, you can count on our Carrollton personal injury attorneys to represent you to the fullest of their ability.

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Rear End Accident Information for Carrollton Residents

Rear end accidents are very common in the Carrollton area. Following too closely, being cut off, or being distracted can easily cause such an accident. Be sure not to underestimate rear end accidents though injuries may not show up right away. It’s recommended you still get the other driver’s information and have a doctor take a look at you. If an injury has occurred, be sure to call our auto accident attorneys for help.

Choosing a Personal Injury Law Firm in Carrollton, TX

Remember that when you are searching for an attorney, you need to choose a law firm based on the type of issue you are facing. For instance, a divorce requires a lawyer trained in family law, whereas an auto accident injury claim requires a personal injury attorney. David Kohm is a personal injury law firm proudly offering services in family law, personal injury, and bankruptcy.

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