Can an Undocumented Immigrant Without a Social Security Number Get Compensation for Injuries for a Car Accident?

Many undocumented immigrants that don’t have a Social Security Number feel helpless when they’ve sustained any quite accident injury. Fears of deportation and arrest may stop undocumented immigrants from filing personal injury claims. These individuals then suffer in silence while the negligent individuals who hurt them escape responsibility. If you or a beloved or a lover is an undocumented citizen who sustained an injury in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, then it’s important that you simply contact an experienced car accident attorney for a free consultation in order that they can assist you better understand your rights and best strategies towards compensation.

Can an Undocumented Immigrant Without a Social Security Number Get Compensation for Injuries for a Car Accident

Fear of Deportation is that the Main Concern for Not Filing a Claim, but Undocumented Immigrants Have Rights

You cannot be deported for filing a lawsuit or reporting any sort of accident that has left you with injuries. it’s your right to file a suit against a negligent party who is liable for the injury that you simply have sustained. Car accident lawsuits are complicated enough already. Unfortunately, undocumented immigrants have more obstacles to beat than the typical American citizen filing a car accident lawsuit. Having an experienced car accident attorney who is well-versed in both personal injury and immigration law is critical to the success of your claim also as keeping you in Texas.

Many undocumented immigrants living in Texas have one thing in common — fear of deportation. those that are injured during a car accident by the negligence of another individual often don’t understand their rights within the eyes of immigration law. this is often why an experienced car accident attorney that has worked with many undocumented immigrants in getting them the compensation they deserve.

Don’t let fear of deportation prevent you from getting the compensation you deserve.

Undocumented Immigrants Should File a Claim with the assistance of an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

If an undocumented immigrant is injured during a car accident, they’re entitled to compensation for his or her damaged property and for his or her medical expenses. Everyone has the proper to receive medical treatment, and therefore the doctors and nurses providing the treatment got to be paid, so it’s important that the victim receive their compensation. The victim may have difficulty receiving compensation for wages lost thanks to injuries, as they are doing not have a legally documented work status, so proving what proportion wages are lost are often difficult.

When reporting the accident to the insurance firm , insurance may claim that since the undocumented immigrant has no Social Security number, they can’t provide compensation. this could in no way stop the payment of compensation however, and if the insurance firm denies payment they’re violating the victim’s legal rights, and therefore the victim should inform their attorney immediately. Having an experienced car accident attorney negotiating on your behalf is that the best path forward in maximizing your compensation.

Because the method are often a difficult one, and therefore the undocumented immigrant may fear further action regarding their status within the country, they’ll abandon the pursuit of their compensation. Though their name are going to be public information, enforcement doesn’t have the entire right to look for immigration status in these court documents.

If you’ve got been involved during a car accident, it’s important that you simply speak to an experienced car accident attorney to assist you create sure that your rights are protected.

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