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Adoption Attorney in Arlington & DFW David Kohm Offers Adoption Litigation for Family Law There are numerous laws related to adoption procedures here in Texas, and more and more adoption cases are heard before the family courts more so than other family law matters. When clients meet with our family…

Help with Adoptions this Holiday Season

Opening your home to an adopted child, especially when the holiday season approaches, is a loving thing to do. A child needs a home that is safe and secure, and you have one that you want to share. The adoption process is not an easy one, but the guidance of an Arlington adoption lawyer gives […]

Help with the Adoption Process in Arlington

Adopting a child can take years, depending on the type of adoption that a couple chooses; the adoption agency they go with and the age and race of the baby or child they adopt. Some couples wait between two and five years or more to adopt a child, according to the American Pregnancy Association. International […]

Adoption Attorney in Arlington TX

Adoption refers to the legal process that permanently transfers parental rights from birth parents to adoptive parents. The process can be complicated, lengthy and emotionally charged. If you are thinking of adopting a child, an Arlington TX family law attorney can help you. The attorneys at the Law Offices of David Kohm are committed to […]

Understanding Adoption with the Law Offices of David Kohm

Adopting a child can be one of the most fulfilling and satisfying processes one can ever go through. On the same end, however, adoption can be an extremely complicated process as well. This is why you need a reliable attorney to walk you through the process and fight on your side throughout it. The Arlington […]