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Was Your Car Accident Caused By a Driver Impaired by Opioids or Other Drugs? See How a Car Accident Attorney Can Help.

Car Accident Caused By a Driver Impaired by Opioids

Most people are well aware of the fact that opioids or other drugs can be dangerous. However, many people do not know that it can be dangerous to use opioids or other drugs and get behind the wheel of a car. In fact, the number of car accidents caused by…

Drugged Driving Accidents are Increasing and a Car Accident Attorney Explains How That May Affect Your Auto Accident Case.

Drugged Driving Accidents are Increasing

Drugged Driving Accidents are on the Rise Studies have shown that drunk driving accidents are on the decline. Researchers have stated that increasing awareness about the dangers of drunk driving has caused a decrease in drunk driving accidents. However, drugged driving accidents are actually increasing. A study done by the…

Car Accidents Caused by Someone Under the Influence of Drugs and How a Lawyer Can Help

Drugged Driving Accidents

Being involved in a car accident is always difficult to deal with. Dealing with potential injuries can be a long-term process, and the sheer amount of paperwork involved can be overwhelming. Frustration is common as well. If the other driver was under the influence of drugs, for example, knowing that…

Law Offices of David Kohm Offer Assistance with Drug-Related Personal Injury

A drug-related personal injury is one of the scariest situations someone can find themselves in, yet with so many pharmaceuticals available on the market today, they are on the rise. These injuries can often leave you with pain, suffering, lost wages, and mounting medical expenses, making you unsure of what steps to take next. Our […]