Don’t File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Frisco without an Attorney

If you are considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the Law Offices of David Kohm can help you. This Frisco TX bankruptcy attorney law firm has expertise in Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy laws and can ensure that your bankruptcy case is settled as quickly and effectively as possible so that you can get out of debt and rebuild your life.

Regulations and practices related to Chapter 7 can be complex, which is why you need a Frisco bankruptcy lawyer on your side. Although Texas allows you to file for bankruptcy pro se, or without a lawyer, it’s risky to do so. You have to fill out your bankruptcy petition correctly or risk having the court dismiss your bankruptcy claim altogether. Even a simple mistake like a missed answer on the petition or transposing two numbers on your financial statements can sabotage your case. Furthermore, you cannot get any help with your petition or your bankruptcy case from court personnel; court clerks are only empowered to provide and collect paperwork, not to advise you as to how to complete it. Thus, without an attorney, you are completely on your own.

Even if you fill out your bankruptcy petition appropriately, you might not get the outcome you deserve if you try to file for bankruptcy on your own. Chapter 7 filers in Frisco have the right to a sizable homestead exemption and may exempt their vehicle and some other personal property from their bankruptcy estate. A qualified bankruptcy attorney knows all the ins and outs of bankruptcy law and can make sure that you keep as much of your property as you are entitled to after filing for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a serious step to take in order to regain control of your finances. Your credit will be severely affected for seven years, and you may lose some of your property. Don’t try to face bankruptcy or its consequences on your own. If you’ve decided that bankruptcy is in your best interest despite the potential consequences, follow up on that decision by getting expert help to ensure that you have the best possible outcome for your case. Call the Law Offices of David Kohm at 817-204-0900 for a bankruptcy consultation today.

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