When Does Your Eligibility of Social Security Disability Insurance End: How a Social Security Disability Lawyer Can Help

When Does Social Security Disability End?

Disabilities are an incredibly difficult thing to have to deal with. We know that the reality is that they can strike at any time and without warning. Some people are born with disabilities obviously, but many acquire them throughout the course of their life. No matter what, they are life altering in ways that many of us do not expect. We are lucky to have the ability to receive disability benefits from the government if we qualify, but it can be a big fight to get the benefits that are rightfully due to us. Additionally, there are a lot of rules and regulations that directly tie in to Social Security disability benefits that most people need the assistance of a Social Security disability lawyer in order to obtain the benefits they deserve. Today, we will take a look at exactly when someone’s eligibility for such a program expires.

When Does Your Eligibility of Social Security Disability Insurance End: How a Social Security Disability Lawyer Can Help

The question of how long you have left remaining to file a claim with the Social Security Administration depends upon when the incident that caused your disability occurred in the first place. As any good Social Security disability lawyer will tell you, the clock begins to tick the moment that your incident occurs, and then you have a set period of time as prescribed by law to get your claim filed and taken care of.

The date for your Social Security Disability Insurance is based on your record of work. For the most part, you must have worked at least five of the last ten years in order to qualify. You have to have been contributing to the SSDI fund through your regular taxes that are taken out automatically out of each paycheck during the entire duration of that time as well. If both of those things are true for you, then you should probably get a Social Security disability lawyer to help with your claim.

Most of the time, a case that is brought to court is much more likely to be successful in winning those benefits if there has not been an expiration of the insurance at all, or if the expiration time has been minimal. It is obviously important for an individual to apply for and receive their SSDI benefits as quickly as they possibly can after the moment that they become disabled. This is true of so many things in the legal realm. The longer that you wait to file your necessary paperwork, the less of a chance you have of winning your case.

It is easy to run into trouble with these types of cases due to the simple fact that there is a lot of government bureaucracy that stands in the way. These programs are jammed packed with regulations to make sure that people are not gaming the system in any way. It does still happen from time to time, but politicians have tried to keep those incidents to a minimum to help their own reputation.

Getting an attorney to help with this particular situation may in fact be rather annoying to have to go through, but it is just one of those things that you really ought to do. You want to make sure your rights are fully protected, and the best way to do that is to be sure that you do not have any trouble with getting the benefits that are rightfully yours. If the government or any other institution is going to try to stand in the way of that, then you will want to turn to your legal recourse and get an attorney who can help you out in these matters. Just make sure that you get one that actually has experience working these types of cases in the past. The Law Offices of David Kohm have expert Social Security disability lawyers that have many years of experience dealing with obtaining the benefits that you deserve. Call our law offices today at any of our convenient locations and get a free consultation.

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