What to Know when Seeking Assistance for your Social Security Disability Claim

When looking for a lawyer for any legal matter, it’s important to find the right professional with the expertise to handle your specific situation. That’s no less true, when you need a Social Security disability lawyer and may even require a more thorough understanding of what’s needed in this type of lawyer. We’ll look at a few of the things considered most important when attempting to locate the legal professional best suited for these kinds of cases.

What to Know When Seeking SSD Legal Assistance

Start With the Lawyer’s Personality

Statistics show that people represented by a lawyer are far more likely to have their disability claims approved than those who handle the case themselves. Even so, it’s important to have a professional and courteous attorney at your side, someone who exudes confidence and makes you feel comfortable placing your trust in him. Additionally, you should feel welcome to ask questions and your attorney should return your calls within a reasonable time frame. Failings in these areas may be a good sign that you should consider selecting another attorney.

Promises Should Be Viewed as Suspicious

When we’re faced with an uncertain future, we would like our Social Security Disability attorney to guarantee an easy win, but it doesn’t work that way. Realistically, if your lawyer is promising results, he may be more interested in hooking his next meal ticket than in the facts of your case. A good attorney can tell you what you might expect, or the chances of a win, based on his past experiences, but that’s as far as a reputable lawyer will go. Lawyers aren’t fortune tellers.

What is the Attorney’s Approval Rate?

This is important specifically for disability cases and it’s one of the first things you should ask, as you shop for a lawyer. In circumstances where the attorney is a part of a larger firm, you should also ask what the firm’s approval rate is, meaning how many of their disability cases have been approved. Also, inquire about the type of approvals. A good question to ask is how many of their wins were awarded full benefits versus partial benefits.

Do You Feel Welcome?

This point is connected to the first point on the list in that your needs should be addressed in a timely fashion. Sure, law firms are busy places and your attorney may not always be available to speak with you personally, but that’s not an excuse for being ignored. The agency should appoint a representative to you, someone knowledgeable about your case and able to answer most of your questions.

You have a right to ask about your case manager. Ask who will be appointed to you and how many other cases that individual is currently handling. You want to ensure your case will not be lost in the shuffle and that you’ll be kept apprised of new developments, as they happen.

Is Your Attorney Accredited?

While your representative doesn’t have to be a licensed attorney, a fully accredited lawyer may be better equipped for any issues that arise at your hearing. Aside from that, you should also ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for. Some unscrupulous individuals have been known to pose as lawyers in the hopes of getting a quick payday. Do your homework to avoid getting victimized in this way.

Once you have found your attorney, half the battle is won, but ensure your relationship as attorney and client go smoothly through regular communication. This is your advocate now and your best chance to win the maximum benefits for which you are eligible under the law.

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