How a Social Security Disability Lawyer Can Help Put More Money in Your Pocket

Losing social security disability benefits is often a very painful experience. A debilitating injury is already difficult to deal with. You may subsequently find out that the Social Security Administration is denying you benefits after you file a claim. This can be extremely difficult to manage because you are likely already dealing with other financial issues like incoming medical bills.

How a Social Security Disability Lawyer Can Help Put More Money in Your Pocket

Social security laws are generally defined in Title XVI of the Social Security Act. The act defines provisions related to eligibility. It’s generally up to judges and lawyers to interpret these laws. A person can lose disability benefits for a number of different reasons. The federal agency may determine that you make too much money. It may claim that you have access to too many assets. You can even lose social security benefits if you leave the United States for a 30 day period.

You do not have to work with a lawyer if you want to file a disability claim. You have a much better chance of winning if you do because many of these laws are very complicated. A Social Security disability lawyer can parse complex legal jargon and achieve optimal results for his client. Some areas of these laws conflict with other existing laws. Lawyers may also have other strategies that they can utilize to win money for their client. These cases may take a long time to process. An attorney may have to pull documents like medical records and social security files. A lawyer can prepare your testimony and question witnesses. They can file appeals and fight on your behalf.

The current appeals process isn’t simple. Evidence needs to be gathered. Courts may require that witnesses testify. The process can be tiring. There are actually several levels of appeals that a person can file if he is denied benefits. Many people are denied benefits the first time they file an appeal, but they may win their case after the fourth or fifth appeal. It is simply smarter to use a Social Security disability lawyer in almost all cases. This is because mistakes during early appeals processes can make it harder to win future appeals. The social security disability process operates similarly to other legal processes. Those that are trying to win an appeal may need to maintain pristine records. Many judges are more likely to side with the administration’s initial ruling.

A Social Security disability lawyer that specialize in social security cases know common issues related to filing claims and retrieving benefits. Social security appeals cases can take years. This doesn’t mean that you cannot win these cases. The Social Security Administration may award you back pay if it is ultimately determined that you are eligible for benefits. Our lawyers can represent you throughout all stages of your legal battle. This is important because most people don’t know what their options are after they are denied benefits. The average person does not want to deal with stress related to court appearances. Many people are surprised to find out that they have to fight relentlessly for benefits they are entitled to. Administrative law judges deal with these cases every day. Sometimes an experienced lawyer can simply prepare a more convincing case to sway the opinion of the judge. A lawyer should ideally simplify things for his client. You’ve worked hard for your benefits. Our Social Security disability attorneys aggressively pursue optimal results for our clients. You should contact our law offices as soon as possible. We will provide a free consultation.

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