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Can Child Support Be Collected from Tax Refunds? A Texas Child Support Lawyer Explains.

Can Child Support Be Collected from Tax Refunds

Anyone behind in their child support payments could have the Texas child support enforcement office collect payments from their IRS tax refund to cover any arrears. This is often referred to as a tax refund seizure. The collected money will then be given to the appropriate child support agency by…

Child Support and Holiday Shopping

Holiday Shopping and Child Support

With the holidays almost here, many parents have already planned the holiday shopping list for the children. When parents are divorced however, a potentially stressful shopping season becomes even more stressful. The parent paying child support in Denton or neighboring location generally argues that the child support should be used to…

Custody – Know Your Rights

child custody

When discussing conservatorship (commonly referred to as custody), parents want to know what rights they may exercise with regard to the child. Who decides what school the child will attend? Who decides when the child will get braces?