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Can I Go To Jail For That?

legal child support

An order or decree issued in a family law case concerning children generally includes a possession schedule and provides for the payment of child support. Unfortunately, parents don’t always comply with the order or decree. Texas law provides many remedies to a parent that has been denied possession of a…

Home for the Holidays

child custody

Most parents that have been involved in a divorce or paternity proceeding are familiar with their routine possession schedule. However, questions frequently arise during the holiday season. Does the first, third, and fifth weekend schedule apply? Is there a visitation period for midweek? The holiday season can result in confusion…

Custody – Know Your Rights

child custody

When discussing conservatorship (commonly referred to as custody), parents want to know what rights they may exercise with regard to the child. Who decides what school the child will attend? Who decides when the child will get braces?