Issues to Consider in a Hit and Run Car Accident? Find Out from an Arlington Hit and Run Accident Attorney

Car accidents in Arlington, Texas occur every day. They are unfortunate events, but are also inevitable for a variety of reasons. Sadly, many car accidents are hit and runs. This is when a driver strikes another vehicle and simply takes off, instead of staying at the accident scene to exchange information with the other driver. Hit and run accidents can result in personal injury, and without the other party’s insurance or contact information this could lead to you being responsible for medical expenses and vehicle damage. It’s important to know what issues can arise after a hit and run in Arlington, Texas, and why it’s so important to have an expert hit and run accident attorney from the Law Offices of David Kohm on your side.

Issues to Consider in a Hit and Run Car Accident? Find Out from an Arlington Hit and Run Accident Attorney

Was the Driver Found by Police?
One of the biggest issues surrounding a hit and run car accident is whether the driver in question has been found by police. If they haven’t been located, it makes things much more difficult when you want to start a personal injury claim. However, if police have located the individual, it is much easier to file your personal injury claim. Your hit and run accident attorney can also stay in constant contact with the police while helping you to prepare your claim.

In the event that the driver hasn’t been located, the police will continue to investigate and your attorney can keep you apprised of the situation. Even if the individual is never found, your lawyer will know what steps to take.

If you were struck by a hit and run driver but were a pedestrian instead of driving a vehicle and the individual isn’t found, you may be dealing with multiple insurance companies. You would have to go through your health insurance to cover your medical bills and any ongoing treatment. Additionally, you might have to try to go through your home insurance policy to recover other types of compensation.

What Happened at the Scene of the Accident?
It is essential to have as many details as possible about what happened at the scene of the accident. Your lawyer can then make a stronger personal injury claim on your behalf when he or she has all the details about what took place and what the other driver did. It is imperative to be truthful and not enhance details of the hit and run accident, just provide your attorney the facts. This is also a good thing to keep in mind when providing the police a detailed explanation of what occurred with your accident.

What Damage Did Your Vehicle Sustain?
It is important to inform your attorney about the total cost of damage to your vehicle after the accident. A hit and run driver usually speeds off for a number of reasons, one of which is to avoid having to pay for the damages they caused. Another is that they do not have car insurance or a valid driver’s license. If you are able to provide your lawyer with a total cost of the vehicle damage, they can determine how much you may recover in compensation. Generally, your auto insurance will cover the cost of repairs to your vehicle.

Were There Medical Expenses?
In addition to damage to your vehicle, your hit and run accident attorney will also want to know if there were medical expenses after the accident. This includes expenses for medical care not only for you but for anyone who was a passenger in your car at the time of the accident. You must also document if you had to miss time from work, as that will be an additional amount to include in your claim.

Have You Spoken to Your Insurance Company?
Another important detail after a hit and run accident is whether you have notified your insurance company about it. The one concern of the insurance company will be finding the driver responsible for the accident. Having your attorney contact your insurance company may be a better idea, as they have experience dealing with insurers. This is because the insurer typically tries to lowball claimants and save the insurance company as much money as possible. An attorney can get a much better, satisfactory settlement on your behalf and will work tirelessly to get the best possible compensation for your damages and other expenses.

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