What Does Texas Law Say About Hit and Run Accidents?

Hit and Run AccidentAfter a long day of hard work, you’re ready to head home in a hurry. But to your chagrin, you come up to your car and see that you’ve been the victim of a hit and run accident. While auto accidents occur all of the time, there is a unique sense of frustration and betrayal that is produced by hit and run accidents. But rather than feeling frustrated and helpless, you should seek empowerment by contacting an Arlington accident attorney. Even though you may think you have no options, calling an expert Arlington accident attorney such as those found at Law Offices of David Kohm can help you end your frustration and get everything back on track.

Texas Auto Accident Law

Texas auto accident law is not ambiguous. Section 552.022 of the Texas Penal Code provides that “a person commits an offense if the person does not stop” Tex. Penal Code § 552.022(c). Moreover, section 552.023 mandates that “[t]he operator of a vehicle involved in an accident… shall “give the operator’s name and address, the registration number of the vehicle the operator was driving, and the name of the operator’s motor vehicle liability insurer to any person injured or the operator or occupant of or person attending a vehicle involved in the collision” Tex. Penal Code § 552.023(1).

In Layman’s Terms

In other words, if someone hit your vehicle and didn’t stop to tell you about it or at least leave a note, they will be in big legal trouble. The Law Offices of David Kohm is a firm recognized for its excellence in dealing with accidents of all kinds, including hit-and-runs. The firm will use its knowledge, resources, and experience to ensure you are compensated for the damage caused by the hit-and-run driver.

Get an Experienced Ally

Having someone hit your car—whether you are in it or not—and then flee the scene can leave you feeling angry and alone. But that’s not how it has to be. Call the Law Offices of David Kohm at 817-204-0900 to get a powerful advocate on your side.

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