My Motorcycle Accident was Caused By Car Driver Negligence. See How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help.

It is common for someone involved in a motorcycle accident to not know what they must do to get compensation for their injuries and financial loss. In many ways, motorcycle accidents are like car accidents. The main exception is a motorcyclist usually suffers serious injuries when in an accident with a negligent car driver. Because of this, it is imperative that the injured motorcyclist retain the services of an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to provide expert legal advice and help maximize their settlement. 

My Motorcycle Accident was Caused By Car Driver Negligence

Legal Advice
When a person is injured in a motorcycle accident, they will need to be compensated for their loss and injuries. This will require knowledge of the law. An attorney experienced in getting compensation for motorcycle riders will help the injured rider to understand the legal aspects of their case. They can explain what to expect from insurance companies as well as the responsibilities of the other parties involved. They can help a motorcycle accident victim maximize their settlement offer and also make sure that the difficult insurance companies don’t take advantage of the injured victim. 

Each motorcycle injury case involving the negligence of a car driver is unique. Many of them require significant amounts of paperwork. One of the last things an injured motorcyclist wants to do is spend their days completing forms. An experienced attorney will know all the documents necessary for an individual’s case. They can help complete them or fill them out on behalf of their client. This will make it possible for an injured motorcycle rider to focus on recovering from their injuries. 

Maximum Compensation
The victim of a motorcycle accident deserves to get the best possible treatment. A motorcycle attorney will know how to hold those responsible for the accident accountable for their actions. An experienced legal professional will know how to value an accident victim’s claim and what is fair compensation for their case. They know how to get their clients the maximum compensation possible. 

Insurance Companies
A motorcycle accident victim soon realizes they are going to have to deal with insurance companies. This can be challenging. A motorcycle accident victim may not be physically able to deal with much until they recover. It is also possible for the opposing side to dispute the motorcycle rider’s version of what happened and who is liable for the accident. A motorcycle attorney knows how insurance companies work. They know how to deal with an insurance company’s attorneys. A motorcycle attorney will work hard to gather all the facts concerning the accident and properly evaluate the status of a claim. These legal professionals will know how to negotiate on behalf of a motorcycle accident victim. They will know how to get the best possible deal. They will also know when it is time to accept an offer or file a lawsuit. They can help the motorcycle accident victim through the entire legal process. 

Motorcycle Defects
It is possible for a motorcycle accident to be caused by a negligent car driver but also defects in the motorcycle. This can be a challenge to prove, but it is often done. There are some common types of defective motorcycle parts. 

  • Defective Designs – There are motorcycles made with poor designs. These defects have made them difficult to use and a serious risk for a crash.

  • Tires – A motorcycle rider is vulnerable to defective tires. Should a motorcycle tire blow when being used, a rider will lose control and have an accident.

  • Fuel System – When a motorcycle has a faulty fuel system, it can result in those who ride it to experience serious burns. It some cases, this can cause a motorcycle to catch on fire with any type of impact.

  • Faulty Brakes – Should a motorcycle not be able to slow down or properly stop because of faulty brakes, there is going to be a serious crash. 

A motorcycle rider has a five times greater chance of being injured in an accident when compared to car accidents. When it happens, a motorcycle rider will benefit from having an experienced motorcycle accident attorney working on their behalf. It should be one of the first considerations after experiencing an accident when operating a motorcycle. 

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